PhD Postgraduate Programs

The Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine offers accredited PhD Postgraduate Programs in full-time mode of study (4-6 years) and in part-time mode of study (6-8 years).

Full Time Study Structure:
Year 1: You will take five taught courses; four of which are core courses and one as an elective
Years 2-4: Entirely dedicated to the PhD research project, giving you the opportunity to refine your skills as a scientist and to grow in confidence as a researcher. You will work under the supervision of your Research Advisor, while also working independently.

Part Time Study Structure:
Years 1-3: All taught courses must be successfully completed within years 1-3 of the part-time program. This may be alongside research modules
Years 4-8: Entirely dedicated to the PhD research project, giving you the opportunity to refine your skills as a scientist and to grow in confidence as  a researcher. You will work under the supervision of your Research Advisor, while also working independently.

A minimum of 50 ECTS from the taught courses during year 1 (including tutorial sessions for each course on a weekly basis) and 190 ECTS from the research modules must be completed while enrolled on the doctoral program.

For information on the Accreditation of the CSMM Programs:

Click here for Molecular Medicine and Medical Genetics Accreditation
Click here for Neuroscience and Biomedical Research Accreditation


PhD in Medical Genetics (accredited)

PhD in Molecular Medicine (accredited)

PhD in Neuroscience (accredited)

Can I proceed to a PhD degree directly after undergraduate studies, without first having undertaken a Masters degree? 

It is sometimes possible to do this, although for your own benefit, we highly advise that you first undertake a Masters degree, before progressing to a PhD. The difference in workload and time management skills between what you will be accustomed to on an undergraduate degree as compared to what we require of you on one of our PhD programs is vast! An MSc degree will act as a stepping stone for you to learn to manage the workload of a PhD degree, while giving you more advanced knowledge and confidence in the laboratory skills required. 

To be admitted to the PhD Programs, a student must meet the minimum requirements listed below:

  1. A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized accredited institution, in a related field.
  2. English Language Certification or other accepted International Standard, if graduated from a school where English is not the language of instruction.
  1. A Completed Online Application Form 
  2. Names and email contact information for two Academic Refereees
  3. Academic Transcripts
  4. High School Leaving certificate.
  5. English Language Certificate (if previous degree was not obtained in English) 
The Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine’s annual online application period is usually January – June. This may differ for non-EU International Students, needing entry permit arrangements. All information about the programs of study and application procedure is available on this website and from the Education Office. 
Our Application and Admissions process is as follows:
  1. Check out our prospectus (link prospectus) for information on our postgraduate programs
  1. If you have any queries or require further information and guidance, contact the Education Office by phone (+357 22 392 840) or email ( You may wish to make an appointment and come and speak to us in person, we would be happy to meet with you! Alternatively, all information can be given by phone or email
  1. Now that you have all you need to know, you are ready to complete our online application! Ensure that you have all your required documents (listed below), scanned and ready in an up-loadable format:
  • Two Academic References (you will not need actual reference letters, only the names and email addresses of your Referees, who will receive an automated notification from our online applications system, in order to complete our specific Reference Form)
  • Academic Transcripts (secondary school/high school, higher education)
  • High School Leaving Certificate
  • English Language Certificate (if previous degree was not obtained in English) 


  1. Next, you will need to create your Extranet User Account 
From here you will be prompted to complete information and upload documents to your online application form. You can save your application form and log back in to continue at any time. Once you are happy with your application, you can submit it. You will receive a prompt in order to pay the application fee via the JCC gateway. Please proceed to do this, as your application will not be considered valid until the fee has been settled.
  1. Thereafter, your application and all supporting documentation, will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee in order to assess whether your application will progress to the interview stage. For some applicants, the process will end here.
  1. If you are invited to interview, then you will receive an email notification from the Education Office stating the date and time of the interview together with any other arrangements. Interviews for students in Cyprus, are carried out in person at the Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics. If you are overseas during the given period, then you will be interviewed via Skype and you will be prompted to provide your Skype user name in the days prior to the interview. The interview itself is an opportunity for you to ask questions about the School, Institute and program you have applied for, while simultaneously presenting yourself as a prime candidate! Use this as an opportunity to explain about your scientific work so far, your research interests and how you would like to progress in the future. This will give our Admissions Committee a good understanding of whether you are suitable for the program.
  1. Once you have been interviewed, you will receive an email stating the decision of the Admissions Committee. For some applicants, the process will end here. For successful applicants, the decision will be an Offer of Admission (provided that all documents are submitted with the agreed grades and within the stipulated timeframe etc together with payments) 

Education is an investment in your future and the CSMM is committed to offering an accessible education to all successful applicants.

Students will be informed by the Education Office about the exact payment deadlines each semester.





MSc Molecular Medicine

MSc Medical Genetics

MSc Neuroscience

MSc Biomedical Research

PhD Tuition Fees





See Note 3 below


Application fee


per application

Registration fee


per registration

Late Registration fee


per late registration

Technology Fee (internet & email use)


per registration

Late Payment Fee


per late payment

Transcript fee


per additional copy

Graduation fees

50 per graduation

Preparatory Course


per course

Repeated Courses

920 per course



(1) Health Insurance coverage is recommended for all students.
(2) International students are required to have health insurance for themselves as well as for their spouse and children.
(3) The total cost for the PhD Programs (Euros 20,750) is divided over the duration of studies.  The cost for the Year 1 of studies amounts to Euros 5,450.


Payment Periods:

Initial Deposit (€920 Non-refundable)

Upon acceptance of the offered admission

Autumn Semester October
Spring Semester February
Summer Period June
Final Semester September


Scholarships & Grants

Publicly-Funded Grants

Students of Cypriot nationality are entitled to apply for a Government grant based on the Government’s assessment criteria for local students.
CSMM Scholarships

The School offers scholarships to MSc students subject to availability. These include full and partial scholarships to cover tuition fees and are based on academic criteria.
The exact amount and number of scholarships offered is always subject to the yearly budget of the School.
Various types of scholarships are available specifically for PhD students, for years 2, 3 and 4which may cover costs of consumables and/or a monthly allowance and/or tuition fees. For more information, contact the Education Office.

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