30 years of CING

The Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics (CING) celebrated 30 years of service and devotion to its patients and society as a whole. CING commenced its operations in 1990 in a space of 300 m2 at the Makarios III Hospital in Nicosia with basic equipment and personnel numbering approximately 20 individuals (scientific and administration). Today, it is housed in its own 10.000 m2 premises with more than 200 staff members. It hosts departments focused in various areas of neurology and genetics with activities based on its three pillars of services, research and education. It is equipped with the latest high-tech laboratory and clinical equipment. CING’s postgraduate School is also based on its premises.

CING is a unique model combining services, research and education, enabling it to grow and develop through the years.

Serving the needs of patients, citizens and society in general, CING does not rest, but continually aims at upgrading and expanding the scope of its activities in the health sector. We are currently working on our biggest development project, the expansion of our premises that will house new research teams in new emerging sectors, enabling us to better serve and improve the quality of life of our patients. 


30 Years of CING – 30 Years of Excellence in Research, Services, Education

  • 30 years at the side of our patients and society
  • 30 years of dedication to our mission based on our values
  • 30 years of providing innovative & pioneering research 
  • 30 years of educating the next generation of scientists

The development of our Institute throughout the years, since its establishment in 1990, has been collated into a short video. Special thanks to the Press and Information Office for their support in the production of the video.


Watch the film here