As a Student of the CSMM

Gain your postgraduate degree in a real work environment
We don’t just prepare you to work in the real world. We are the real world!
As a student of the CSMM:
  1. You will enjoy a comprehensive educational experience combining the three pillars upon which the Institute and the School are based  - RESEARCH – SERVICES - EDUCATION
  2. You will experience an exceptional work environment, supported through competitive research grants obtained from national and international organisations
  3. You will be taught by the leading researchers, scientists and Neurologists in Cyprus
  4. You will gain a postgraduate degree in a real work environment, through collaboration with the Institute’s Laboratory Departments and Clinics 
The Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics is unique in its field in Cyprus, combining research through its laboratory and clinical departments, its clinical services provided to patients on a daily basis at the Outpatients Clinic and the neurological ward and specialised laboratory diagnostic services in neurophysiology, neurovascular disorders and neuropathology, together with education through its postgraduate School, the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine. The CING used this amassed experience to establish the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine (CSMM) in 2011 while accepting its first students in 2012.
The CING is a medical and biomedical translation center, which is probably the most successful model nowadays as it combines education, research and service activities in one centre, providing major medical benefits to the people, society and the country. The CING was one of the first examples in Europe where postgraduate education, research and services have been successfully combined. The research output of the Institute covers a plethora of areas through the following Departments: 


  • Neuromuscular Disorders Centre
  • Multiple Sclerosis & Related Disorders Centre
  • Movement Disorders Centre
  • Dementia Centre
  • Epilepsy Centre
  • Clinical Genetics Centre
The Institute has the largest and most technologically developed research infrastructure in Cyprus and the neighbouring region in the sectors of neurology, genetics, biomedical, medical and related sciences. A number of the research programs carried out have great impact on our society i.e. clinical trials, drug discovery, development of novel diagnostic procedures, novel gene therapy approaches, etc. Some of these have huge international impact leading to the development of patents and transfer to the clinical world through commercialized innovative products.
Through a wide range of 500 different services, the CING treats more than 11,000 patients and provides more than 95,000 laboratory and clinical services. It is the only Institute in Cyprus that has the technology, know-how and expertise to provide more than 90% of these examinations.
The Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics is considered to be the most advanced tertiary medical academic centre in our country in the health sector. Three decades of expertise on behalf of the CING have been invested in the establishment and progression of the CSMM. To this extent, the courses offered under the CSMM programs, have been developed with the aim of educating students regarding the innovative areas of biomedical sciences. Each course is based upon both learning objectives and employment objectives, ensuring that the CSMM delivers fully equipped graduates to the job market, an objective which has been proven through the high employment rates of our alumni. The courses include lectures and tutorial sessions, as well as lab-based workshops for each course, giving you as a student, a comprehensive educational experience.
Is the CSMM the right place for you to further your education? 
YES - If you are a graduate with a background in medicine, biomedical sciences, biological and related sciences, genetics, neuroscience, biomedicine, chemistry and other related fields
YES – If you would like to progress your education to MSc or PhD level
YES – If you would like to build your CV while studying, by gaining your degree and work experience simultaneously in a real work environment
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