Dear Alumni, 

Your time with us here at the CSMM and CING, has surely been a period of growth and achievement for you all, as you persevered through the opportunities and challenges in order to achieve your MSc and PhD degrees. We hope that whether you have moved on to a career or studies elsewhere or whether you are continuing on with us here at the Institute and School, that we have instilled within you apart from your academic knowledge and skills as scientists, also our values of Excellence, Social Service, Professionalism, Innovation and Teamwork. 


Keep us informed, where are you now?

Keep the CSMM Education Office informed about your current contact details and what you are up to, we would love to hear from you! Ensure your details up to date on our CSMM alumni network. This will be a great resource for you all, to keep you connected within the scientific community, with the CING and the CSMM and also for the purpose of making a difference in our community. 
Contact:     +357 22 392 840


Need careers advice?

We will keep you informed via email about any relevant employment opportunities within the CING and externally. Make sure to check your emails.

Upon request, the CSMM Education Office can provide you with material from our Careers workshops so that you can prepare for job applications, keep your CV up to date and brush up on your interview skills. You will also receive an invitation via email to our annual Careers Workshop, so feel free to join us. Contact:      +357 22 392 840

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